Warby Parker Sunnies

With Coachella just 2 months away, I am in need of some new sunnies for the festival. With that being said Warby Parker came out with a few sunglasses for their new Spring and Palm Canyon collection that I’m considering for the festival.

New Spring Collection:


quimby-sun-absinthe-top quimby-sun-aurora-topLOWRY

lowry-sun-green-citrine-top lowry-sun-whiskey-tortoise-topREILLY

reilly-sun-marzipan-tortoise-top reilly-sun-whiskey-tortoise-top

Palm Canyon Collection:



WHEELERwheeler-sun-revolver-black-top wheeler-sun-windswept-tortoise-top

WINSTONwinston-sun-cognac-tortoise-topNot only that they have great sunglasses and optical glasses, they also have the home try-on program, which will allow you to pick out your 5 favorite frames for 5 days, with no expense to you, even paid shipping. I’m going to try out my 5 favorite which are the Quimby, Lowry, Reilly, Duckworth, and the Wheeler with this program. As with all of Warby Parker existing collections, for every pair of frames sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need through their non-profit partners. I will be posting an update when my sunglasses comes in, can’t wait to try them on! To check out more of their sunglasses or optical glasses, check out Warbyparker.com.

Orange is the new Black

Orange1 Orange2 Orange3 Orange4 Orange5 Orange6 Orange7 Orange8 Orange9Orange is the new black which I noticed lately for this upcoming spring. There are a lot of orange clothing out there such as this Zara knitted top I picked up a few weeks ago. Orange is not really my color, but I told myself I’m gonna try to work more colorful pieces into my outfits this spring and summer. Since spring and summer is all about playing with pop of colors. What I do love about this top is the round neck line and its sleeveless arm which makes it perfect the this upcoming spring weather.

The year of the horse

Bomber 1

Had these photos taken when I was back in San Jose for Chinese/Vietnamese new year. Here I decided to rock this bomber jacket that I got from Zara’s new collection for spring. I felt this jacket was perfect for this holiday, with the floral print and everything. Since I knew I would be walking around quiet a bit that weekend I went for more of a basic and comfortable look.

Bomber 2 Bomber 3Sorry (not so sorry) messy hair kinda day

Bomber 4 Bomber 5 Bomber 6 Bomber 7 Bomber 8 Bomber 9 DSC_0009 DSC_0010 DSC_0017 DSC_0070Isn’t this flower pretty?!?

DSC_0171 DSC_0174 DSC_0185Got to have the cherry blossom for the new year, a sign spring is coming!

DSC_0189And of course during new year, firecracker !

DisneyLand Diary

DSC_0426 DSC_0486 DSC_0493 DSC_0496 DSC_0515 DSC_0524 DSC_0531 DSC_0538 DSC_0540 DSC_0560 DSC_0565 DSC_0575 DSC_0585 DSC_0587 DSC_0602 DSC_0628 DSC_0632 DSC_0641 DSC_0716 DSC_0718 DSC_0723 DSC_0791 DSC_0795

This past November I went to disneyland for my birthday, I got to see Demi Lovato preform one of her new song for the new disney movie Frozen, checked out the nightmare before Christmas haunted mansion, and had me some dole whip float (a must every time I’m here).This was one of the best birthday celebration, made me feel like a kid again.

Here I’m wearing: jacket-Zara//short-Levi//shoe-Sam Edelman//bag-Zara//tank top-Gap//sunglass-Zara

The BIG 25

DSC_0095 DSC_0105 DSC_0158 DSC_0170 DSC_0172 DSC_0198 DSC_0200 DSC_0246 DSC_0264 DSC_0291 DSC_0288

For my 25th birthday, I got the big 25 balloons to represent that I’m now a quarter century old and wiser. This year I wish for a peaceful mind, a joyful and successful life.

The boyfriend surprise me with these balloons at Balboa park, which was very sweet of him. He took some awesome pictures for me as you can see above. After, we had a nice lunch at a korean restaurant and of course we had to get some tea after lunch (love boba drinks!). It was a fun fill eventful day for me, cause later that night we had dinner with some friends and end the night in downtown Gaslamp. What more can I ask for, thank you everyone for a memorable day full of good friends and laughter.